PHPA - Support Groups

The PHPA is committed to helping Professional Hypnotherapists to form support groups in their own area.

The advantages of belonging to a Hypnotherapy Support Group are:

  • Exchange of ideas, techniques, news on hypnotherapy.
  • A sense of belonging for new Hypnotherapists who may feel isolated in this profession.
  • Social interaction - a fun way to meet like-minded people and form lasting friendships
  • Practice new techniques on each other
  • If you are seeing clients who are presenting unusual problems then you can discuss possible approaches
  • You may wish to refer a client on to another professional if this is an area which you are not comfortable about dealing with
  • Invite guest speakers from other support groups

If you are interested in forming a support group in your own area then please email us and we will contact other members in your area to see if they are willing to participate.

These are usually informal events and can be very interesting. Meetings can be held in each others' homes (if there are just a few members) or you can often rent a room quite cheaply.

We will advertise your support group free of charge here on the PHPA website if you contact us.

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