PHPA - About Us

The Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association was founded in 1998. It was originally formed as a support Association for graduates of the Professional Hypnotherapy Course, taught by the Hypnotic World International Academy of Hypnotherapy, but as the Association grew, so did the requests for membership from other hypnotherapy training institutes.

Stephen H Armstrong DHP Acc.Hyp (Distinction). took over the Association as the President of the PHPA in 2005 and amongst his advisers are

  • Dr D. C. Portner
  • Faith Waude - who is the Managing Director of Hypnotic World Ltd.

Steve has over 30 years experience in helping others to resolve their problems and draws upon his expertise to promote awareness of the benefits of hypnotherapy to the public as well as help to address the many issues that Hypnotherapists encounter.

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