Approved Training Course

NLP Institut Romania (Dorel Butuca)

Training in Past Life Regression , Bucharest - Romania (30 - 40 Hours).

There is a major worldwide interest in regression in past lives. This growing interest requires that hypnotherapists to be trained in this technique so that they can expand their scope and provide clients with the required services. This hypnotic technique has the potential to allow healing and communication between our spiritual and the logical self.

What you will get:

  • Career development and receiving the certification of Hypnotherapist in Past Life Regression.
  • Obtaining specific skills for healing physical and emotional problems through the technique of past life regression.
  • Experiencing profound personal transformations in your current life.
  • Manual of regressions in past life.
  • Understanding past lives, Karma and therapy in past life. Clues and questions for exploring past lives.
  • Preliminary interview in regression in past life.
  • Examples of preliminary discussion used in regression therapy in pat life.
  • Scripts to induce the deep trance necessary for healing through regression therapy in past life. Types of deepening and creation of the safety place (setting a safety anchor).
  • Regressive protocol scripts.
  • Scripts specific to regression therapy in past life.
  • How not to influence the client in a trance and to obtain specific informations.
  • Techniques for releasing blockages, phobia, fears or pain through regression therapy in past life.
  • Regressive hypnotic journeys in past life.


  • Certified and accredited hypnotherapists.
  • Therapists (Reiki, Theta healing, etc.) who want to offer their clients past life regression therapy.
  • People who have an interest in past life regression therapy.
  • Therapists who are already trained in past life regression therapy and want a new perspective.

Duration: 30 - 40 hours

Method of teaching: live in classroom.

Final Exam: written and practical.

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