Carol Watson

Thank you for reading. Here is a little introduction and background to my journey

I changed my career of twenty two years, as a Media Advertising Executive to eventually becoming a happier, more fulfilled Complementary Therapist, Rainbow Path Series, Meditation Teacher and Wellness Life Coach, Author and of late a Clinical Hypnotherapist (in 2021). I am a published Author on the wonderful subject of self-healing and general mentor to those clients that have come to see me over the years, so that I can co-assist them back to true balance, peace and contentment.

The study and training opportunities I have ventured into and fully engaged with have added to a pretty full complement of physical massage therapies such as Traditional Reflexology, plus Thai Reflexology, Indian Head and Swedish and Aromatherapy Massage.

My speciality and passion which now includes Clinical Hypnotherapy is breath work and mindfulness / meditation and energy healing work. This has been through Sound as a medium for healing or hands-on or remote Reiki or MA=RaY Light healing (the second is a therapy I developed in 2012 and successfully deliver in Edinburgh, hands-on, or remotely, to clients all over the globe.)

I have found that my breath and meditation practice of nearly twenty years aligns very well with Clinical Hypnotherapy. Not only have I 70 Hypnotherapy scripts to guide clients through specific areas of concern or unease, but another 200 relaxation and powerful internal energy-healing scripts that can complement Hypnotherapy work, either before or after a course of treatments, to round and deepen the whole healing experience.

Contact me direct on my mobile 07837 596376, by email to: or via Calmblue Clinic in Edinburgh I work from:



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