Stage Fright

X Factor contestant - Katie Waissel is reportedly going to use hypnotherapy to help her to overcome stage fright.

24 year old X Factor wannabe star, Katie Waissel is reportedly seeking the use of hypnosis to help her to deal with her anxieties over remembering her lines while performing.

After fluffing her lines in a recently shown episode of the "popular" show it is understandable that she should be concerned about her career prospects.

Stage fright is not a new phenomenon - many of the most talented performers suffered from performance anxiety, these include:

Comedians Tommy Cooper
Actors/Actresses Meryl Streep, Johnny Depp, Sir Laurence Olivier
Singers Elvis Presley, Barbara Streisand, Donny Osmond and Lady Gaga
Sports Personalities Susie O'Neill the Australian swimmer

And there's probably a lot more...

Performing on stage in front of an audience can be nerve racking for most people - they all too often become self conscious which makes them reflect inward rather than projecting their act to an audience.

Stage fright is usually be due to a lack of self-belief, a lack of confidence, a fear of failure or even - believe it or not - a fear of success and because most talented people are natural perfectionists only their very best is ever good enough. They will all too often beat themselves up because they believe they will be judged on a single slip or mistake.

Hypnotherapy can help people like Katie by teaching them how to tap into their inner reserves - how to recognize that they are good enough and how to overcome their inhibitions and work on their self confidence.

So, let's mention some things that you can do to help control stage fright, because until you do, you will never become a performer who can truly master the stage.

1: Make sure you "own" the stage

2: Always take your time

3: Always be totally prepared before you ever think about stepping onto the stage

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